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Philosophy & Ethics

The most accurate way to articulate the work of Stonegate is to say that it accomplishes transactions, solves business problems, and finds creative solutions that are often difficult to achieve.

Stonegate is able to achieve this success for several reasons. The first reason is that the individuals who comprise Stonegate have many years of successful hands on experience in business and have encountered many business challenges in their careers. These “gray-haired” principals are able to evaluate, analyze, solve, and then execute the solution to business challenges.

The second reason is that Stonegate does not quit in the face of tough challenges. It continues to search for solutions to a business issue, whether it be a specific business problem or an issue in a transaction. This “go the extra mile” philosophy hasgenerated positive solutions for Stonegate’s clients for over twenty-five years.

Finally, Stonegate works with its clients as though their issues and challenges are Stonegate’s issues and challenges. This unusual caring for Stonegate’s clients is part of the philosophy for the principals of Stonegate.

Operational Added Value

Stonegate's principals work with business owners and senior management to resolve strategic, financial, and operational issues for companies facing financial pressures or for healthy companies facing new opportunities and challenges.

The roles that Stonegate assumes with its clients are widely varied. It can be as a consultant, an ongoing advisor, or an actual interim management position such as CEO, COO or CFO.

Stonegate has a proven approach in working with challenged companies. Its team of experienced “gray-haired” professionals has expertise in virtually all functional aspects of a business.

A common immediate goal of assignments is to create financial stability in the operations of the entity. The next task is frequently to determine the key challenges in the business and craft solutions to the various issues. The solutions are often resolved through creativity based on the experience of Stonegate’s professionals.

Execution is part of any issue or problem. Stonegate is often responsible for executing the business solution as well.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Stonegate Group has extensive experience in a wide range of merger and acquisition transactions, including strategic sales, divestitures, and management-led buyouts.

Stonegate will research and secure potential buyers when representing a business to be sold. The methodology utilized by Stonegate has consistently generated higher than expected valuations for the business being sold.

This methodology utilizes Stonegate’s operational approach to a business coupled with the personal handling of all “true” interested acquirers.

Stonegate provides its value added approach throughout the entire transaction process including negotiation of the deal and assisting and working through all closing aspects of a transaction.


Stonegate has raised capital for over 75 companies. The capital raised is typically a combination of equity, in the form of preferred stock, mezzanine or subordinated debt, and senior debt.

Most of the equity provided in a transaction is provided from private and institutional investors. Stonegate will work with its clients to provide the proper balance of senior debt and the appropriate form of equity needed for the transaction and operations of a company.

Stonegate handles various types of financings. They include an acquisition of a company, a management buyout, the restructuring or recapitalization of a company that may allow the company to grow or allow tax advantaged distributions to shareholders, and finally capital to allow a new emerging company the ability to continue to grow.

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